Welcome to "The Quay Project"! This is a little corner of the Internet brought to you by the folks at The Quay dedicated to giving back so we don't feel guilty about all the taking we've been doing!

Our philosophy is pretty simple, we release early, we release often and we release junk. Of course we don't think it's junk, but one person's garbage is another person's prize, logic tells us that the reverse must also be true. Currently we have 3 sub-projects:


qbackup -- tool for automating backups on a Unix like system

When properly configured qbackup should be executed on a daily basis via crontab and can backup filesystems and is currently extended to also dump MySQL databaeses beforehand to ensure proper backups of MySQL. Once per week qbackup will generate a full backup and throughout the remainder of the week it will generate incremental backups from this baseline. Additionally backup can be configured to send an e-mail based report to an administrative e-mail address. This programme is based in part on Alan McKay's simple MySQL backup tool and Chris Arrowood's Simple Bash Backup Script. Both of which have been released under the GNU General Public License. Thanks guys for your work and ideas.

qdigger -- a simple BASH script for automating BIND root zone file updates

Proper usage of the Domain Name System (and BIND) requires (among other things) that your DNS server knows how to find the root zone. While this zone is relatively static compared to the rest of the internet heirarchy, from time to time there are changes which require updates to your root zone file.

Rather than manually handling this mundane task I have written a little tool to update the root zone every once and a while and send me an e-mail with the results. This tool should be relatively idiot proof, but as with anything that runs with any sort of increased privileges you should monitor it's output very carefully.

qchewer -- a simple BASH script for gluing AWStats and jdresolve together

This is a tool that I largely developed due to my own personal idiosyncratic method of implementing AWStats and my somewhat obsessive-compulsive need to automate foolish things that could be easlily handled simply by writing a very quick and dirty tool.

Eventually this tool will allow the user to handle all the functionality of AWStats and jdresolve in one spot and check for any glaring problems.

The primary motivation for gluing these two tools together AWStats' fairly inefficient implementation of DNS lookups and the fact that jdresolve by comparison is much more feature rich. In and of itself that's not a problem since AWStats produces really nice web reports, it just doesn't do some of the things I would like (such as recursive lookups through IP space).

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Contact and Support

We use the SourcForge tools as much as possible and you're certainly welcome to submit a bug via the SF bug tracker, but you're probably more likely to get a timely response by cruising by our forums and asking there. This would also be the best way of getting help if you have any questions or suggestions. We make a serious effort to provide half-decent documentation (or at least comments and a '--help' switch!) so you should check the README included with each package as well.

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